Enhance performance in stressful incidents by regulating your physiology.

Stress Testing at its Best

The first to use A.I. to manage and predict stress levels, Code 4 Pro is an extremely accurate and versatile tool for stress management and mitigation.


A Valuable ‘Co-Pilot’

Code 4 Pro operates like a ‘co-pilot,’ helping workers understand how they respond to various stress triggers.


Pairing Data with Artificial Intelligence

Although stress impacts everyone differently, knowing how stress affects an individual can be used to forecast how they may react in a stressful situation.

Code 4 Pro Leads the Way

Integration with CAD

Mutli User View Dashboard

HRV & Stress Management


Insightful Reporting

Decision-Making and Stress

A Proven Connection

Key decisions should never be made under stress. Yet first responders such as police officers, firefighters and healthcare workers must make split-second decisions every day – without knowing if they’re already under stress. In fact, half of all mistakes made on the job may be the result of decision-making compromised by stress.

The Right Frame of Mind Matters

When we’re in the right frame of mind, we make better decisions. But how do we know when we’re in the right frame of mind? It’s actually quite simple. The best (and only) objective way to measure stress is by tracking heart rate variability (HRV ).

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