Privacy Statement

Code 4 Pro Privacy Statement Data Collected

Code 4 monitors a person’s biometrics with a Polar brand sensor that is worn on the body. This sensor collects heart rate data from the user. Our platform then calculates heart rate variability information (HRV) which in simplified terms is the time in between each heartbeat. HRV is one the best ways to detect and separate sympathetic activity (fear and flight) from parasympathetic activity (rest, relax and recover), allowing a series of stress measures to be calculated. The system is designed to collect every heartbeat while the sensors are worn and transmitting. The Code 4 Pro platform also collects accelerometer and geolocation data from the phone. The purpose of this collection is to provide support to officers and dispatchers in the performance of their jobs.

Data Process Paths

The digital flow of data through Code 4 follows this data processing path: 1. Sensor to Code 4 App: The sensor (either a Polar H10 or Polar Verity Sense) establishes a direct Bluetooth connection and transmits data to the Code 4 App running on the participant’s iPhone or Android phone. 2 2. Code 4 App to AWS: Data is transmitted via a secure HTTP transmission over the Internet. 3. AWS Cloud to Database: Incoming data is checked for errors, encrypted, and stored in a relational database

Security of Personal Information

All user data is stored securely within the App on the user’s phone or the Code 4 Pro database which is hosted by AWS. Please see Code 4 Pro uses data encryption to protect data in transit and at rest. Data in transit is transported using SSL to encrypt all web communication between the application clients and servers. Data at rest is encrypted with Amazon Web Service’s server-side encryption using AWS EBS encryption. The Code 4 Pro platform also uses secure HTTPS protocols to protect data.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The contract we have with Police Departments prohibits any non-anonymized use of your data except that expressly allowed by the participating officers and departments. We may process and disclose personal data about you to others: (a) if we have your valid consent to do so; (b) to comply with legal obligations, such as a valid subpoena, court or judicial order, or other valid legal process; (c) to enforce any of our terms and conditions or policies; (d) as necessary to pursue available legal remedies or defend legal claims; or (e) as we deem necessary or appropriate for purposes of attempting to get you help in the event you are involved in an emergency situation.

We may also transfer your personal data to an affiliate, a subsidiary, or a third party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets, or stock, including, without limitation, in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceeding, provided that any such entity that we transfer personal data to will not be permitted to process your personal data other than as described in this Privacy Policy without providing you notice and, if required by applicable laws, obtaining your consent.

Do we use ‘cookies’?

We do not use cookies or other tracking services.

Third-party Disclosure

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Personally Identifiable Information.

Third-party Links

We do not include or offer third-party products or services in our app. We may provide links to our first responder agency partner websites, to certifying organizations, and to privacy policies and security certificates of business that support our business operations.