Stress & HRV


Stress Testing at its Best

The first to use A.I. to manage and predict stress levels, Code 4 Pro is an extremely accurate and versatile tool for stress management and mitigation.

Our unique solution:

  • Objectively measures stress via heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Classifies the results in terms of good (green), neutral (yellow), or bad (red)
  • Predicts the direction, duration, and strength of stress using Machine Learning
  • Manages and mitigates the effects of stress with A.I. large language model


A Valuable ‘Co-Pilot’

Code 4 Pro operates like a ‘co-pilot,’ helping workers understand how they respond to various stress triggers.

A body sensor collects and charts every heartbeat, offering a unique window into a worker’s HRV over time and during various incidents. Code 4 Pro establishes a baseline stress index and then predicts the individual’s stress level several minutes ahead.

Thus, the wearer is aware of their stress level before making a tough call or tackling a difficult task.


How It Works to Reduce Stress

Using off-the-shelf hardware, Code 4 Pro’s software is easily uploaded onto a mobile phone. The individual’s biometric data is then encrypted and inputted into a secure proprietary cloud where participants can view the data in real time.

Using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), we analyze a massive amount of data to measure and ultimately predict the future direction and duration of the individual’s stress level.

By observing objective data showing how their HRV responds to stress, users gain life-saving insights into their biometrics. In time, they can see and predict how various situations affect not just their HRV levels but how they tend to respond.

After the fact, Code 4 Pro offers invaluable feedback and insights into the impact of stress – as measured by HRV – on the worker’s job performance. Eventually, workers can learn to avoid and/or mitigate stress to optimize not just their decision-making skills but their overall health and job performance.


Pairing Data with Artificial Intelligence

Code 4 Pro is unique in pairing A.I. with biometric data. To date, there have been little to no breakthroughs in the application of A.I. in this arena. Although stress impacts everyone differently, knowing how stress affects an individual can be used to forecast how they may react in a stressful situation.

Armed with this powerful data, individuals and their supervisors can make informed decisions on scheduling, job assignments, etc. Workers can check their status, advise supervisors of an emerging or urgent issue, and/or request a replacement and/or additional resources.

Over time, this valuable feedback may even fend off the long-term effects of stress such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Decision-Making and Stress: A Proven Connection

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