Stress & HRV

Decision-Making and Stress: A Proven Connection

Key decisions should never be made under stress. Yet first responders such as police officers, firefighters and healthcare workers must make split-second decisions every day – without knowing if they’re already under stress. In fact, half of all mistakes made on the job may be the result of decision-making compromised by stress.

While a small amount of stress keeps us alert and ready to avoid danger, unmanaged stress can be dangerous and even lead to fatal mistakes.

Our mission at Code 4 Pro is to save lives through stress detection and mitigation .

The Right Frame of Mind Matters

When we’re in the right frame of mind, we make better decisions. But how do we know when we’re in the right frame of mind? It’s actually quite simple. The best (and only) objective way to measure stress is by tracking heart rate variability (HRV ).

While many factors affect HRV – age, genetics, fitness and overall health, etc., the leading factor is stress. Studies show that workers who control their physiology perform better during stressful incidents.

In short, when we’re aware of our stress and take steps to mitigate it, we avoid mistakes that could cost lives.

Code4Pro Leads the Way

The future of stress measurement and mitigation is wide open, and we’re helping lead the way. By pairing biometric HRV sensors with sophisticated A.I.-based tools , our unique solution can be used in any job setting.Valuable bio-feedback on stress levels helps workers:

  • Become aware of situations that are creating the most stress
  • Avoid making decisions and/or taking risky actions when under stress
  • Predict future stress levels
  • Take necessary steps to reduce stress
  • Protect against the long-term effects of stress such as PTSD

The net result? Code 4 Pro is a powerful tool for employers and human resources managers who are seeking to boost wellness, productivity

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