Our Customers

First responders aren’t the only ones who must make split-second, critical decisions.

The type of careers that require swift thinking is limitless. Both line workers and professionals in a wide variety of careers must think – and act – quickly. Knowing if they’re already under stress can make all the difference.

The first tool to objectively measure and manage stress in real time, Code 4 Pro offers tremendous benefits to many types of careers:

  • Law enforcement (18,000+ local police departments with over 700,000 officers)
  • Other first responders and public safety workers: firefighters, security guards, EMTs, air traffic controllers, prisons guards, etc.
  • Mental health professionals
  • Manual Laborers: construction, oil rigs operators
  • Professionals: doctors, lawyers, traders, executives, reporters, pilots
  • Sports professionals and leaders
  • Any job where stress can negatively affect performance

Wellness and Stress Mitigation

Stress is a trillion-dollar issue that’s behind an estimated 60 percent of all health issues. Unmanaged, stress can be dangerous and lead to disastrous and even fatal mistakes.

Any wellness program should include stress mitigation techniques. And the first step to reducing stress is identifying the triggers that create the most stress.

Code 4 Pro equips workers with insights into their level of stress as well as what situations tend to cause them the most stress. That way, they can be proactive in helping to reduce and recover, using stress-reducing therapies such as breathing techniques or use the therapeutic services conducted by qualified mental health professionals.

Our goal is to build upon the 27 million+ data points collected to date with the subsequent A.I. insights to improve performance and increase safety for workers in any dangerous, complex and/or stressful job.

We are also making great strides in building awareness of the vital need for this product in a wide variety of markets .

Can Code 4 Pro work in your job setting? Get in touch with us to see if we can help your team reduce stress.