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Actively monitor stress levels

Get in front of avoidable situations through real-time monitoring of your officers' stress-related biometrics


Actionable Data You Can Trust

01. Real-time Stress Levels 

Heart rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and Motion data are sent continuously from the sensor & phone worn by the officer to a dashboard showing the entire squad.

02. Cost-Effective

We can get your department up and running within a couple weeks for a modest setup and training fee. The ongoing per-officer-per-month charge scales up or down depending on how many officers you enroll. 

03. Trending & Analytics

As a Dispatcher, Sargent, Watch Commander, or Chief, you'll be able to see trending reports across the department so that you can measure the impact of changes you make to staffing, training and procedures to stress levels.  


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Understand Your
Officers Better

The officers themselves can continuously see this data and start to draw conclusions about what types of situations cause more personal stress for them. Dispatchers and Watch Commanders can monitor real time dashboards which highlight which first responders might need support at any given moment.

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